Monday, November 09, 2015

Reflections after 65 years

I can't believe it...really I can't, but I'll be 65 this week.  

I never imagined I would be this age.  

Who does?  

Life passes so quickly, so suddenly and it's over.  

Inside, at times, I still feel 16, but I'm keenly aware that my body is aging.  The pains of age never let me forget that time is passing and I'm rushing through this life with an eternity looming.

And so, I thought I would post a series of observations after 65 years.  In the days ahead I'll post one per day.  These are things I've learned, seen, and discovered from study, watching great men around me.  These observations will be as distilled as I can make them.  Agree or not, these are truths observed from a life lived.  Here we go.....

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