Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Observation #1- Programmed for eternity

Observation #1-

We are programmed for eternity.  The very idea of it is programmed into our brains, hard-wired into our DNA.  We KNOW we were meant for more than just this life.  We all know, deep inside, that this is not all there is.

We were programmed for eternity by an eternal one.  In each one of us is the longing for meaning, purpose, a reason to live.  We want meaning.  Somehow we all know we are more than mere animals....we were programmed for eternity.

The truth is that everyone I have ever met knows, really knows, there is more than just this world, this life.  We look for it, we long for it, we hope for it.  In spite of some denying the God who made us they still have a longing in their hearts they can't escape....they can't avoid.  The reality that we were meant for eternity is hard-wired into our very being.  

We were designed for eternity.  We all know it.  No one can avoid it.  You have heard it or thought it, haven't you?  "This can't be all there is!  There must be more..."  And out of our longing for eternity our questions rise.  This can't be all there is....there must be more.

We were programmed for eternity.  We can't escape it.  Although some may tell you this  life is all there is they know that's not true.  Deep inside we all rebel at those words....there is more we think.  We know this isn't the end.

Observation #1- We were programmed for eternity, designed to live beyond this life, made to live for more than life on planet earth.  
The obvious question will be the topic of our next observation- who programmed us?

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I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions. See the link below for more info.