Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday morning

It's Sunday morning.  

I'm reading, thinking, praying, getting ready for a day with the family of God,

But my thoughts are distracted with the events of the week.  Paris, Indonesia, and many other places on the globe are feeling the effects of Satan's work in the lives of evil men.  

Jesus said, "The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy."  

He's demonstrating his skills like never before.  Now, in our day, men and women all around the globe are willing to die for a lie. And in their dying they take the lives of many more.  This religion of fear and death is causing chaos on every continent.  

It's Sunday morning.  This morning I plan to join others to worship the one true God, the God who offers life, peace, joy, and hope.  But all around us others worship a god of death, fear, sorrow and despair.  These are difficult days indeed!

In these days of despair pray for the hurting, the dying, reach out to the lost, the fearful.  These are those days Jesus talked about.  The last days of fear.  But if you know Christ, if you have a hope, then these days cause us to look up.  The Lord is coming!  

Come, Lord Jesus! 

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