Friday, December 15, 2017

My Servant

One of the great compliments of scripture for any man or woman is when God calls them, "my servant."  It's a rare title, few have earned it, but it's one of highest praise by God.

My servant.  It seems so contrary to the goals of our culture, our world.  Both elements of it go against our pride and independence.  

My- I'm "owned" by someone, I am accountable to someone, report to them and respond to them.  I belong. I have an authority I say "yes" to. 

Servant- It's a title and role we rebel against because it's the lowest, most unknown role.  It kicks against our pride and desire for fame and success.  It means being unknown and being ok with that.  It means I aspire for only one thing....

....pleasing my master.

But God takes great pride in announcing a man or woman who has become "my servant."  We look for titles of power and prominence, but God looks for servants.

With a bowl and towel Jesus showed us what this looked like and invites us, rather commands us, to follow his example.  

I'm on that odyssey now...the odyssey of being no one, being nothing but a servant.  It is assaulting my pride, my ego and my sense of what success looks like, but....

....if I can be called by God "my servant" I will be thrilled!

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