Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The fuzzy edge of God's presence

We live between two worlds.  The world of the temporal, the temporary, the world ruled by time.  It's a world with an end, a "due date,"  a life controled by and lived in moments.

And, if we are Christ followers, we live in the world of the eternal where we, at times, touch the fuzzy edge of God's presence. It's as if in a moment of time we sense him.  In him we live and move and have our being.  He lives in us and he gives us life each moment, but only  seldom are we aware  of his presence.

And yet, as we live between two worlds, with one foot in time and the other in eternity,  we begin to feel the life of eternity surging through our spirits, giving us new vision, new desire, and a different purpose.  If you watch a Christ follower for very long you will see their struggle as they live between these two worlds.

It happens as the allure of things evaporates in the presence of the one we really desire.  And, without realizing it, we turn the attention of our moments here from seeking the things that will rust or rot to the one who is the very source of life!

More and more, as I think about how I want to spend my moments, I'm drawn into eternity....drawn by the awareness that God is all I desire, all I really want. And more than ever I want the fuzzy edge of his presence to be my constant reality.

The world fades, it's goods and glory not worth the time.  Eternity draws, it's goods and God's glory worth everything!


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