Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Election day

Today is November 8th, 2016.  It's a normal day except for one thing- it's the day of our presidential election in the United States.  This year it has been more controversial, angry, bitter and divisive than any other election I can remember.  Neither candidate is appealing to the America people.  I can't tell you how many have said, "I held my nose with one hand and voted with the other."

But, at the end of the day we will have a new president.  Some fear one choice will lead us to destruction. Others claim the other choice will doom us to hell.  Neither one will make an impact on eternity, but they will affect the lives of those who live in this time.  One is pro-life. The other is radically pro-abortion.  On this issue alone the election could be waged, but it has taken a back seat to the personalities involved.

One is a narcissistic billionaire.  The other is a narcissistic multi-millionaire.  One is a man, the other a woman.  Both claim spirituality,  but neither has a faith we can see as they live out their lives.  It is one of the most depressing elections I have ever witnessed.  And divisive!  I've mentioned that, but the divide is dramatic and growing between parties, between races, between people of faith and the secular culture.  The veneer of civility is dangerously thin!  Once that is breached, as it has been in some cities recently, anarchy erupts, angers swell and people are hurt.

Election day.  It was once a day of social harmony, even if laced with differing opinions.  But today it's a dark day in a country seeming to near the end of life.  Every country has a shelf life.  Every nation fails.  It seems we are seeing the first cracks of our civilization and the crumbling foundations of a nation that once prayed and sought God.  But now, like Israel before captivity, we have abandoned God and made ourselves the end of knowledge.

How little we really know.  How small we really are.  As Solomon described us, "the nations are not even a drop in the bucket."  But for us in the midst of these days we find ourselves seeking God's help.  These days move us to prayer, to looking up in desperation and an appeal to a sovereign God for revival, repentance, redemption.  Lord, save those so in need of your love and forgiveness.  And, no matter who wins, work in our midst for your glory!  We are your children and we look to your for help.

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