Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sore knees

Well, today we know.  Today the sun is rising just as it did yesterday.  Today people are going to work just as they did yesterday.  It's a new day and the one thing that gives us hope and confidence is that the sovereign God of the Universe is still seated on the throne of heaven.  Everything is ok.

The one thing that will be changing for me is that I realize, for the remainder of my life,  my knees will be quite sore....I am going to need to spend a lot of time in prayer for this country, this world as we near the end of days.  It doesn't matter who is president.  It does matter who is God.

And so I appeal to him that the hearts of men would be turned back to the God who made them.

Lord,  Use the events of these days to draw men and women to you.  We need you.  You alone can fix the problems of our fallen race.  You alone are Lord.

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