Sunday, June 26, 2016

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I often think I am farther along in this thing called "The Christian life" than I really am.  I like to believe that I'm more godly than when I started, more like Christ, more "spiritual" (whatever that means) than I was when I became a Christian.

But I have to admit, with great shame, that I am much worse than when I began.  I know the bible says we are "desperately wicked" but I have believed....over the I have read the bible hundreds of times, been a pastor for more than 40 years, and thought myself to be a "growing Christian" that I was making progress.

But I realize, if I'm honest, the me that needed a savior more than 50 years ago, still needs him even more today.  Each day proves to me that I and the rest of humanity are wicked beyond our knowing.

I'm sure some would protest and tell me how good they really are, what good things they have done, but be honest...really honest....are you any better as a person, as a moral being, than you were 10 years ago, 20 years. 

I realize that (at least for me) that I need a savior now more than I ever have!  Desperately wicked doesn't even describe my heart as I look at my thoughts.  Somehow we seem to have moral amnesia and think we are doing well, living good lives, being good people, but really...honestly, apart from Christ I would be a murderer, liar, a cheat, an adulterer.  All of that is in me.  All of that would come out, but for Christ.

Of all people I think Paul understood this best and that's why he described all his good deeds as dirty rags in Philippians.  He knew his heart. He knew there was nothing there to work with and so Christ was his only hope....and he's my only hope as well.

You're lucky I'm a Christian.  If you knew what was in my heart and what would come out, but for Christ, it would and should scare you.  AND,  If I knew what was in you I would be scared too!

SO here is where we are today...after all these years we each need Christ more today than we ever have.  Apart from him there is nothing good in us. Apart from him we have nothing to offer to God and gain access to glory.  Apart from Christ....we are lost!

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