Thursday, June 02, 2016

Acceptance, tolerance and inclusion

The new sin of our culture is to speak of truth, sin, right and wrong.

The new religion of our culture is acceptance, tolerance and inclusion.  

But, just for a moment, indulge me as I ask one simple question:  

Who is your king?

That question is the only question that matters!  It's the defining issue of Matthew 25 as Jesus tells the story of the judgment when he will separate sheep from goats.  All of us will fall into one of these groups and the only difference between the two groups is this one thing-  Jesus is king of one group, but not of the other.

What does that mean?  The question is simply this, whether gay or straight, murderer or lover, liar or glutton...the question is simple:  

Is Jesus King in your life? 

If he is, then HE gets to define the rules of life for you.  He gets to tell you and me what is right and wrong, what he expects, how we should live.  

HE IS KING and that means I bow to him, his will and his way. 

Christians do not define this issue well.  We discuss rules, who is in, who is out and appear terribly intolerant....and in many ways we are, but what we need to focus on more clearly is this one issue, this one question:  Is Jesus your King?  And if he is, will you obey him even if you don't like it?

Will you stop lying because God's not a liar?  Will you stop stealing, because Jesus is your King and he's not a thief? Will you curb your appetites because God will meet your needs, you don't need to "stock up for winter."  Will you allow him to be King over your appetites both physically and sexually?  Will you walk in love because that's what Jesus called us to do?  

It means we pray for one another.  It means we love one another as we each struggle to bow to the King. It means we focus on the main thing-  Is Jesus your King and will you obey him...even if you don't like it?  These questions apply to all of us because we are all broken and need a savior.

There is only one gate we each walk through and it defines everything....

Is Jesus your King? 

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Ann said...

Excellent!, Mike! Brings all issues home to one bottom line question - Is Jesus your King? Love this!!