Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Becoming like Christ

Jesus invites us to come as we are, but he never 

allows us to stay that way. His goal is to make us 

like himself. Our job is to let him. It's a 

transformation that means I let go of who I am, 

what I want, what I think is right and surrender it all 

to him as he makes me like Christ. I am still 

struggling to say "yes" to him and "no" to me. It's a 

transformation that takes a lifetime, but I long to be 

like him...to see glimpses of him in my words, my 

thoughts and my love for others. It's a surrender of 

all I am to all he is. Paul described it this way, "Put 

on the Lord Jesus Christ and don't say "yes" to the 

flesh." Today I will be working on this once more.

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