Friday, May 29, 2015

In God we trust?

This topic has been on my mind for a while.  It comes from friends who have referred to the slogan on our money as a sign we are a Christian nation, one nation under God.  

We aren't!  In fact I really doubt this little four word slogan is true of most Americans.  We trust our money, our savings, our ability and a hundred other things, but trust God?  I doubt it.

In the prophets of old one spoke for God and said, "You say, 'the temple, the temple, the temple' as if it were a lucky rabbit's foot, thinking that because you have the temple all will be well." Then the prophet, speaking for God says, "It will not be well because you aren't trusting me!"

In God we trust?  Not really.  I must be honest as I look around our culture to say many use God rather than trust and worship him. As the prophets lamented, "Oh that you had a heart for God!"

But I fear that is gone and all that is left is a nice slogan on a piece of paper.

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Carol Ann Etheredge said...

So true! We trust every thing else but God. I myself have been put to the test this week of trusting God.