Thursday, May 21, 2015


I've started to do something you won't see. Daily I am sending a personal note of encouragement to someone.  It's a different person each day and in a year I will hopefully encourage 365 people.  (Do I know that many people???  Makes me worried for year two.)  

Anyway, my goal is to intentionally build up, encourage, lift up others around me.  None of us hear encouraging words as we should.  None of us are affirmed as much as we need. All of us wish someone would walk with us, even for a moment, to say, "you're awesome, keep going, I see you...I'm grateful for you."

Encourage.  What a simple idea and yet how rarely do we do it because we all struggle ourselves.  I wonder how a focus on others would encourage us as a side effect?  What would happen to us as we look out towards another?  I think we might discover encouragement ourselves.

And, just maybe, we could start let me invite you to join me to be part of "Encourage."  Let's see what happens.

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