Thursday, April 02, 2015

His name is Jim

His name is Jim.

I met him at Starbucks a few years ago.

He was there every day I came by, visiting with friends, hanging out.

We connected, exchanged names, and began to visit casually each time we both found ourselves at Starbucks.

Last year, as I sat there with my coffee and computer, Jim came over to visit.  He said, "Can we talk? I just found out I'm dying of cancer."

We talked about death, about God, about salvation, about Christ and eternity. 

Today, Jim left his table and came to see me.  He sat down and said, "It's getting close.  I don't have much time."  

Once more we had talked about faith, Christ, salvation and eternity. 

I asked my friend, "Can I pray for you?" 

He smiled and said, "Please..."  

And we held hands in Starbucks and prayed.

I won't see him for coffee much longer, and will miss our visits but he's ready for eternity.  

His name is Jim. 

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