Friday, April 03, 2015

The terrible glorious day

It's good Friday.

He was tried.  

He was declared not guilty 

three times.

And yet the crowds cried, 

"Kill him, kill him!" 

The voices of the crowd won. 

The judge gave in.

Lashes to his back.

Mocked by the guards.

Beaten mercilessly.

Spit on.

Executed in the cruelest way possible.  

A slow death for everyone to watch.

There he hung. 



Laughed at. 



The only sinless man

dying for the sins of all.

The perfect Son

obeying the plan of God

for the redemption

of a fallen race.

On that day God 

was satisfied.

The debt was paid.

We were redeemed!

What a terrible glorious day.

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