Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Defining God

Let me start with a statement that will upset some, but will clarify the issue for many,

There are no true atheists.  There are simply people who have created a god they don't believe in. 

Everyone believes in God.  We can't escape him, even though some would wish he didn't exist.  When I meet an atheist (one who calls himself an atheist) and he tells me there is no god I ask him to describe this god he doesn't believe in.  I probably don't believe in him either.

But define the true God, the God of the Bible accurately and we all bow, even if reluctantly, in his presence.  And, in fact, one day we will all bow and worship him.

The real issue is not whether we believe in God or not, but rather how we define the God we deny.

Yesterday afternoon I spent some great time with a man who would have called himself an agnostic.  He's near 70, dying of cancer, months to live and has no idea what's ahead.  

I told him if I were in his place I would be scared to death! 

We visited for an hour and the core issue came down to this- his definition of God made it impossible for him to believe.  I wouldn't believe in his definition of God either!  But when we clarified who the God of the Bible really is his attitude and his eternity changed.

Defining God seems more important than most of us realize.

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