Monday, September 30, 2013


It seems, for some reason, I'm seeing a lot on the topic of suffering in the last few days.  I hope it's not preparation for my days ahead, but it might be.  Even if suffering is ahead it has come through the hand of God.  I know I can trust him with difficult days, just as I've "trusted him" with good days.  I put that in quotes because I be much I have to trust God when things are good.

Anyway, tomorrow a new book comes out from one of my favorite authors, Tim Keller.  I have it pre-ordered and look forward to reading it.  I will keep you updated on my thoughts on the book and the topic.  

It's true many of you have truly suffered, so for me to talk about my struggles feels condescending to those who have really suffered, but as I learn more about the struggles of others God prepares me for my own walk through the valleys because even in the valley God is good.

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