Saturday, March 09, 2013

Come away with me

It's easy to get busy.  

There is so much to do.

All around are needs and people and problems and things that must be taken care of right now.

And yet I watch Jesus intentionally taking his 12 aside for a time of rest.  On more than one occasion he said to them, "Come away with me and rest."  He knew they were willing to work, that was never the problem.  The problem is getting them and us to be comfortable with a time away, a time of rest.  

There is so much to do, how can we take time to rest?  How could we possibly step away from all of the things we have to do?  And yet we desperately need a time with God, a time to be still, to be quiet and listen to God.  Often God calls, "come away with me" and we put him off....we are too busy serving him. 

There will always be needs and people and things that must be done, but our greatest need is time with God, time to be still and be with him.  When he whispers to you, "Come away with me for a bit and rest" listen and respond.  The work will always be there when you return.

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