Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Paint your days with joy

What's ahead for you today?  

What dread do you awake to?

What faces you that you wish you could simply sleep through?

We each deal with difficulties, struggles, problems in our life that frame our moods, change our attitudes...but imagine that instead of letting events change you, you change them.

Imagine that despite what awaits you in your life, your day, you choose to have joy and celebrate God's care and provision.  In the midst of even your worse days he is LORD.  He is watching over the events of your life, so is there anything that he hasn't allowed for a reason, a purpose, a plan?  Nothing!

So how to respond?  Instead of letting events change you....you change them.  Instead of letting your world dictate your moods...choose joy in spite of the world around you.  Isn't God in the good and the bad alike?  Doesn't he love you and care for you no matter what you face?  Of course!  

Paint your days with joy.  God's in charge!

"Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials."  -James 1

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