Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The post payment age

I had breakfast with a friend this morning.  Before he retired he was an accountant, a CPA and corporate manager.  He thinks like an accountant.  But since he retired he has been a pastor in the senior living facilities.  He teaches about 6 or 7 times a week to seniors who are nearing their finish lines, nearing the end of life.

This morning as we discussed what he's doing and some of the older people he works with he said, "Now that we live in the post payment age..."  I stopped him for a moment and asked where that term came from.  He had begun to use it to help older people understand the work of Christ and it's a perfect term for the time we are in.  

When Christ declared on the cross, "It is finished" he was declaring the bill paid.  Paid in full.  And now, as my friend describes it, we are living in the post payment age.  We look back on a price paid we could have never paid.

The post payment age.  What a great term for a salvation available for anyone with no added costs or fees.  It's paid in full!

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