Thursday, December 01, 2016

100 years

I read a lot.  I know some of you do as well.  As I read I look for differing thoughts and opinions.  Some of those thoughts irritate me, some of them challenge me.  All of that is good.  So what do I do with all of it?  In the midst of living in a real world in real time I make decisions about life.  Some of those decisions reflect a trust in God, most of them do not.
The problem I face is reponding to the opinions, fears and thoughts of men instead of trusting in God.  It's easy to do!  Just having finished an election I reflect back on millions who responded to the words of one politician or the other. Their responses were in a vote, a protest, a post of Facebook driven by either passion or fear.  All of it fueled by the words of men.

But, in 100 years I wonder how I will reflect on the way I make choices today. Will I look back with regret at the way I have allowed men to influence my fears and decisions or will I respond to God and his word in the midst of a troubled culture?

Jesus made a troubling statement in the gospel when he said, "When the son of man returns will he find faith on the earth?"  That question provokes me, haunts me to filter all the voices I hear and respond to only one.  We have all heard the saying, "Live for an audience of one."  But are we living in response to the voice of only one as well?  Are we following God or the crowds?  Does fear drive our choices or does faith?

In 100 years how will I see today?  In 100 years will I reflect with a smile at my faith in God in a difficult day or will I reflect with embarrassment at my fear driven life?

Living in real time is hard, but in this moment my task is simple-  "Speak Lord, your servant is listening."

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