Monday, September 14, 2015

Wagering eternity

What would you bet on?  

What odds would you risk for something you think is a "sure thing?"

Would you bet a million dollars with the chance to win ten?

It sounds like a foolish question and it is.  Who would risk a million dollars for the chance to win only $10 more?

But many around me wager billions of years for just a few here.
They risk losing everything on the odd chance they might be right about what awaits them after death.

Why would anyone risk millions to possibly gain only a few more?  Why would we wager eternity with a guess, a hope, a speculation?

And yet, most around you will risk it all for just one choice, only lust, one passion...hoping that the pleasure of a moment might be worth the wager of eternity.

Why would anyone risk everything for such a small payout?  The bookies would call you a fool.

Do you realize your wagering eternity with your choices?

Do you realize that nothing in this moment is worth the billions of years it will cost you. 

I know a man who is dying at this moment.  He won't be here for more than a few more days.  He has no idea what awaits him, only a hope that he made a good choice.  He's wagered eternity on a dream, a whim, a hope.  

I visited with him months ago and was grieved to see he had placed his bet.  He had made his choice, thrown the dice and hoped he would win.  I'm grieved that he has wagered eternity on a false hope.

The price is too high to not know for sure.  There is a sure thing, a promise of a win every time.  There is a transaction we can each make that will promised the ultimate return on the investment....

"For God loved you so much that he gave his only Son that if you will trust him you will have eternal life."  John 3:16

Who wouldn't bet on a sure thing?  

It's too important to not know for sure.

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