Saturday, September 05, 2015


I've found myself reading comments on Facebook tonight.

It's quite amusing really.  

With the Internet and the ability to be anonymous everyone is suddenly an expert and, since we no longer believe in truth in our culture, the one who can bluster the most, act angry enough or overwhelm the discussion with confusion usually wins.  

Or do they?

It seems we waste a lot of time with opinions, words, rhetoric and anger that does nothing at all.  And in the end....after all is said...nothing changes.

We are a nation of experts without truth.  It's quite funny to watch as the bluster of words from someone I know nothing about is supposed to convince me they are right.

How about we start with truth, a foundation of some kind, and discuss issues from there?  Oh, wait, we can' one believes in absolute truth anymore.

So here we are.  A culture of experts about nothing. 

I'm sure God is smiling at how silly this all sounds as we waste hours discussing nothing at all.

Unless we start with "In the beginning God..."  nothing else will make sense.

Without God it's all just silly....but we sound like experts.

What a world!

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