Friday, September 25, 2015

In the midst

In the midst of one of the most amazing chapters in the Bible is a small insight, but we will get to that in a moment.....

Daniel 11 recorded in detail the entire history of humanity to the very end of time.  It's an amazing chapter, but in the midst of it is what I want to focus on in these thoughts.  Instead of details of what will happen it is an invitation to a response, to actions by God's people.  As I read it this morning in a men's group I attend the words began to cascade over and over in my thoughts.  They are these short words,

"...but the people who know their God 

will display strength and take action." 

Daniel 11:32

I realized, as I read the words, that the outcome of the believers response to God were not clear in the midst of great clarity about governments and powers.  
It's as if this is an invitation to a response, a challenge to our faith and it begins with- a people who know God, a people who claim the God of the bible as their God.  It begins with a personal, intimate relationship before strength and action are even possible.

If we don't know God well, if he's not OUR God, our Father, our master, then action and strength are unlikely.  It seems, out of a relationship with the God of creation, his people will be able to find the strength to act in the midst of the most terrible days at the end of time. 

So, what does this action look like?  In the midst of the last days, in the midst of the human race, what would show us strong and people of action?  What would set us apart from the fear and chaos coming?

It would look like this- love the lost, care for the hurting, help the needy, protect the helpless, cloth the naked....why it would look like Jesus, wouldn't it?  In these last days we have a great opportunity, it's subtly hidden in Daniel 11,  "the people who know their God will display strength and take action."

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