Sunday, September 20, 2015

The first day

The first day anywhere new is difficult.  

Fear of the unknown, 

the uncertainty of an unfamiliar place.  

The first day is hard, 

but imagine it's your first day in eternity, 

your first day after this life is over.

A man I know just spent his first day in eternity.  

He was not a Christian.  

He wasn't interested.  

He and I talked months ago, 

when he was well, 

about life and death.  

We talked about eternity, 

about salvation 

about the cross,

and what God has provided for him.  

But he thought he had a better solution, 

he thought he had his answer and didn't want to hear it.

Today was his first day in eternity.  

His first day of billions more.

  As I think about him I grieve.  

Today, his first day, he faces eternity.

  An eternity without God.  

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