Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The choir in the trees

Psalm 104:12 Beside them the birds of the heavens dwell; They lift up their voices among the branches.

It's still about an hour till dawn, but as I sit here in the dark waiting for the new day I find that I'm entertained by one of the best choirs I have ever heard. Outside in the trees the birds are celebrating the new day in song. It's an amazing choir. First from the tree near my window I hear one bird sing, and then from a distance another replies....and then a third from somewhere else and soon we begin the chorus again from the bird closest to me. Each of them has such a different song. Each telling a different story. Each has memorized his part well and waits to fit it in with the grand choir around me. I am really enjoying my free concert this morning....what a treat to have such an amazing choir to start my day....the choir in the trees.


Anonymous said...

The Hallelujah Chorus sung by the most elegant of choirs cannot compare to the melodic song of the Carolina Wrens living in our own backyard. The sound of their song drifts through the window and brings me to a awareness that God has created this moment. And with a deep breath of contentment I KNOW He provides for my smallest joy. What rapturous joy divine.

By the would be a good time to write that book, you know, now that you are bored and have all this extra time...with nothing to do...with bad TV, with lousey internet. Instead of reading another book on Christian Life, why don't you put your thoughts down about your own Christian Life, or some wonderful topic you feel passionate about???? Just food for thought from an inspired sheep.
Lana S

Schweers' Mom said...

Whenever I think of birds I think of my sweet grandfather (Papa) who always knew the birds by their various songs. He always teased us, too, by saying that Bob White's girlfriend was the Marth-y bird(his southern way of saying "Martha"). I always wondered what the Marth-y bird sang... I can get endless hours of enjoyment from my backyard friends.