Monday, December 10, 2007

Rob Bell: Everything Is Spiritual

I really like this little cut from a message Rob did. In it he communicates an important truth very simply. What are your thoughts on this idea?


Brent said...

The last line, at around 1:35 or so, is incredibly provocative.

My thoughts are that most people will nod politely at the idea, but will recoil horribly at the ramifications of this idea. See, what it does is erase that line between Christian & secular.

For example, if everything is spiritual, then there wouldn't be a need for "Christian" radio or "Christian" publishing or "Christian" fellowship. It would all be living your life...

...and many Christians I know don't want that kind of mindset nor desire to get rid of that safety net and comfort zone that permeates most churches.

This is why I'm a huge fan of Rob Bell.

Anonymous said...

Very thought provoking clip. I do believe all man(woman)kind is spiritual as God's creation in that we all have spirits unlike inanimate objects. I also believe some are more spiritual than others based on their relationship to Christ. Is one 'spirit directed' or 'self directed'? I don't believe there is Christian/Secular radio, publishing or fellowship but rather the individuals involved in such undertakings are Christian or non. As a Christian I CAN do ALL THINGS ... spiritually directed by my relationship to Christ. The more I yield myself to His spirit the more spiritually recognized I become. I do all things spiritually because I cannot do otherwise. Kind of reminds me of a quote I read the other day which said something like 'atheists don't believe in God because He doesn't exist... God does not believe in atheists, therefore they do not exist.' Of course! All things are spiritual. If not we wouldn't be. We should quit putting ourselves in boxes and break out and let our God ordained, true spirit illuminate all aspects of our life. Then we wouldn't have to 'label' ourselves. We would be self-evident. SPIRITUAL !!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! We need more of this kind of thinking and teaching. Too often we are confining and defining what Christianity is to a package of thoughts and doctrines. We get caught in our own thought constructs instead of just living life as a spiritual being. Keep it simple, just be.