Friday, December 21, 2007

Another reason I like Texas...

It's December 21st and I snuck away to spend the day with a couple men from our church riding motorcycles! Christmas is only 4 days away and we rode 300 miles's another reason I like Texas.....75 degree weather a few days before Christmas!

We had a great time, rode out into the country and found some roads where we didn't see a car for miles. It was great. I got some time to "breathe" and pray. I really needed it.

I don't know if you can call this a hobby, but I will claim it as one. For me it's a great way to get away and refresh my mind and lose myself.


Kris Sorensen said...

75 degrees!? I'm envious. I think we topped out at 40 today ~ it's a heat wave ;-)

Glad you could get out and enjoy the great weather.

Fifty Plus said...

Hi Mike.
Nice set of wheels mate. Is that you? Texas sounds like the perfect place for a ride at this time of the year in the US.
Russell from down under.
It's cold today.

Mike Messerli said...


thanks for the note. That's not my bike, but mine is just like it....different color. It's a great bike for a day on the road. hope you have a great Christmas.