Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A post you need to read


One of the blogs I check regularly is written by a brother in Christ in Singapore. He just posted a story you need to read. He shares the story about his visit to a Christian church in China. You can read his thoughts here.


Anonymous said...

I like the quote from D.J. Chuang. Seems to me the only way to find truth is to live it, be it (doesn't count just to consider it)...

And. Northern Colorado in March is supposed to be fabulous. Come stay with us--I'm serious.

John T.

Toneman said...

Wow! Jill & I were talking about this this morning. Yesterday, I heard a humbling radio interview with Philip Yancey where he was contrasting the prayers of believers here in America verses the prayers of those in places that Vincint spoke of. I remember Prof. Hendricks making the comment that one fo the best things that could happen to the American church is persecution. Knowing that the likelihood of this in their generation, Jill & I have done a lousy job at preparing our girls to suffer well. This will be something I will be chewing on for some time. How easily we lose sight of what is most important. Sobering post, thank you for the two-by-four brother!

lu said...

Thanks for the link. While visiting China a few years back, my kids actually went to an AWANA meeting. However, it was in a western compound. The religious freedoms of an ex-pat are way different than the religious freedom allowed the Chinese nationals.

Thanks for the reminder how blessed we truly are living in a country where there is a church on every corner and we can worship openly.