Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday's cartoon

Well, we did it.....we got a Nintendo Wii. Joye got a really amazing deal from, and we got the Wii for $79.00! It's great fun, but now we battle with "Wii elbow" and the temptation to use words pastors shouldn't use. The games are very frustrating! I must tell you that my dear wife, Joye, is a Wii addict. Intervention may be necessary.....especially with the new game Mario Galaxy. She has nearly conquered it, and can't stop until she does. She loves puzzles, and this kind of game is the ultimate puzzle. But the truth is that I knew that about her, and I get blamed for getting the game and getting her addicted. I confess....I did it. We are having great fun and frustration with the Wii. Come over sometime....let's play a game...a Wii little game.


Toneman said...

We have seveal friends that...well, are not fo the video gamer generation, and they are purchasing Wii's. That's a hoot! Enjoy!

lu said...

The cartoon is TOO funny!!! My kids really want a wii, but we have not reached that point where we are ready to buy it. They are disappointed, but ... My son asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I thought long and hard and told him "I think I want a wii." I, of course, was joking, but he was so beside himself for a moment thinking our house was actually going to have a wii. I died laughing. He actually took the joke fairly well considering how much he would like some type of gaming system.

satire and theology said...

Mike, I can relate.

After church a pastoral friend and his wife host a games day, and another friend, a gaming technician with EA, often brings over the Wii. It is a lot of fun, good exercise, and it can be frustrating mastering the controls, especially with golf. I do pretty well with baseball and bowling.

It's great fun, but now we battle with "Wii elbow" and the temptation to use words pastors shouldn't use.

I confess, I am known by my close friends for sometimes using 'unblog' like language while playing some older British computer soccer games, when being cheated by simulation mode. The gaming technician states these cheats are a result of lazy programming, and so at least I am responding to the legitimate wrong of bogus computer controlled team goals.:)

Merry Christmas, Mike and family.


Schweers' Mom said...

I want a Wii! That's a riot. I loved the cartoon! My kids will think it's funny, too. And, no, we don't have a Wii.

Kris Sorensen said...


Welcome to the Wii world. Our family has one as well and all of us enjoy it. It has this amazing way of leveling the playing field. My 4 year old beats me in bowling from time to time :)

We host a college age growth group in our home every Tuesday night and the Wii has been a great tool to break the ice and it keeps the students interested in coming back the next week.

p.s. $79 is a steal. I think you almost broke the 8th commandment ;-)