Thursday, July 27, 2017

The End

I'm coming to the end of a part of my life that has lasted for 27 years.

We all deal with endings
The end of school
The end of childhood
The end of a day
The end of life

Endings are part of time and a fallen world
They aren't all bad,
they make us aware that all things on this planet
will end

My current ending is today
As I think about it there is grief
regrets (aren't there always)
things I would change
things I wouldn't
in the end
it was a good day

Now for a new beginning
What's next?
I'm ready
So Lord, 
what do you have for me next?


Unknown said...

Mike, I think you know how Gloria and I feel about you and Joye, we Love You. You have done so much for us especially when our Grandson was killed. You traveled 70 miles each way to spend several hours with our Daughter and Son-in law and we will never forget that. I have had a few surgeries the last few years and when I get to the Hospital at 5:00 AM and guess who was sitting there waiting on me. There has been so much more and you are truly a Godly man. All of the issues you have survived at Crossroads would do in a lesser man of God and now you are facing this. We wish you nothing but the best and fully intend to see you two often. Good Luck
Vance & Gloria Richardson

Mike Messerli said...

Thank you Vance, your words a a rich blessing and you are dear friends. Thank you.

Robyn Rochelle Cox said...

Your new life begins tomorrow! How confusing and exciting all rolled into one!
The next step, I have no doubt, will be ventured in sync with the God who is! Such a blessing to catch glimpses of Him in this present moment. I pray this for you and Joye. He has nuggets in such surprising places.