Thursday, July 13, 2017

An upside down lifestyle

"Finally, all of you, be like-minded, 
be sympathetic, 
love one another, 
be compassionate and humble.  
Do not repay evil with evil 
or insult with insult. 
On the contrary, 
repay evil with blessing, 
 to this you were called
 so that you may inherit a blessing."
1Peter 3 

In the midst of a culture much like Peters he invites us to live a lifestyle that flies in the face of the way everyone around us lives.  It's upside down, others focused and God driven.  It's a lifestyle that isn't looking for the things we can gain, but a lifestyle focused on people as objects of love.

This upside down lifestyle isn't after titles, rewards, money or power.  It's not after personal satisfaction but is focused on loving others well, for their good.

That is so completely contrary to all that happens around us that if a few people ever lived this way it would quickly change the culture they live in, the lives they touch and their own hearts.  

Peter invites us to live as Jesus did and trust the outcomes to an amazingly big God.  He challenges us to avoid personal gain and pursue the gain of others first.  It's a lifestyle that would make those around us ask one simple question, "Why?"

And with that question we can smile and reply, "Jesus."

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