Friday, July 28, 2017

Sweet words

Words matter

They help,
or destroy

Words communicate

I shared in my last post our change in life,
the end of one thing
trusting God for what comes next

From those words I was blessed to read dozens
of notes from people we have known, loved
and cared for

Their words were like honey
sweet words, encouraging words 
that told of how God had used us to help them

How glorious is our God
that we can be part of each others lives
hold another's hand
cry with another's tears

How sweet are the words that come
from God working in us
This God we serve is most amazing!

To him alone be all the glory
Thank you, Lord, for using
one like me

May our words to others be sweet, healing balm 
to refresh the weary and worn looking
for a bit of your kindness in their lives.

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