Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I didn't decide to be a pastor.  
It just happened.
I'm not sure when it
became part of my identity
but it did
Now, after all these years,
I can't imagine any other

But there are parts
of this job
that I never anticipated
Tasks I've always dreaded
Painful days
Difficult words
Tear filled moments

For you see
in my job
death is part
of my work

Today I will
be part of a memorial
for a member of
our church, a friend

It's always hard
we avoid death
we don't want to deal 
with it
think about it
experience it
we all

And so
once more
I will
be part of the story
of one who 

Family and friends will gather
tears will be shed
laughter will happen
but will feel odd and uncomfortable
Memories will be shared
hugs exchanged

And then
all go back to our "normal" lives
and as quickly as possible
put death out of our minds

But we will each meet our end
we each will face death
we each will come to the end of our days

And then we will meet God
The question today is this-

Will you meet him as Father
as judge?

It's your choice

Death will find you one day and the very next
thing on your calendar will be
your appointment
with God

Are you ready?