Monday, February 13, 2017

A world without grace

I have been watching, reading and listening to the changes coming in our world. The winds of change are brewing, and they whisper of a world ahead without grace. It's evident in the culture around us. It's a culture completely lacking grace. The contrast between the secular world and Christianity is dramatic, and it's very evident in this one area- grace. The God of the bible demonstrated his grace and love for man by becoming one of us, revealing himself to us, dying for us, and offering us forgiveness of all our sins...simply because we ask in faith!

There is nothing else like it. A faith based on the grace and love of God, full of promise and hope. All the work is done by God, not by us.

But we are in a time, in many parts of the world, where the grace of God is denied, ridiculed and's no longer the iron curtain we deal with, it's the graceless curtain of secular anger and rage. But God is amazing. He is penetrating that curtain with his grace and love. Man's best attempts at keeping him out look like children trying to dam a mighty river....their efforts are hopeless, the river will win and sweep them away. And in this battle between the world and the grace of God...God will win....he always does.

How amazing that, in a world where God's riches and grace are free, so many want to rage against the grace and love of God. This is spiritual warfare at the highest levels. It's our opportunity to shine the light on God's wonderful grace in a world where many are without God's grace, and have no idea of how much he loves them.


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