Monday, February 07, 2011

An early finish, but a great one!

It's a great grief to lose a friend, a family member, a mate to death. Death is awaiting each of us with no idea of when our days will be used up. Psalm 139:16 tells us that God has already set our days, determined our lifespan. None of us knows when we will exit this world, but we all will.

A sad day for me was our arrival in Rome on the way to Kenya recently. It was at that moment we found out that a good friend had died unexpectedly. My good friend, Bob Millard, had died. Bob and I were friends for decades as we worked in the oil business and then in the church together. Bob and I spent a lot of time together talking about oil, life, faith and family. I always looked forward to our visits.

Bob loved the Lord. He dearly loved his wife, Colleen and his boys. Every visit we had included discussions about business, faith and the boys. He was constantly thinking about the balance between running a business, loving his wife and raising his boys. He balanced it all better than anyone I have known.

I know he didn't plan to finish so soon, but he finished well. For a life well lived for God, his wife, the boys and those who knew him Bob has earned his place in the Finishing Well hall of fame. May I live as well as Bob did in the few years of his life.

Well done, Bob, well done!

(Bob & Colleen Millard)


Schweers' Mom said...

Such a beautiful tribute! I know it must have been hard being so far away when you heard this news. I am in awe of Bob's legacy he left through his boys. Definitely he ran a good race and fought the good fight. I wish I had known him.

Cathy Fetterman said...

Beautifully said, Mike and so very true. Bob was such a blessing to our family. We loved him dearly and will miss him so much. I know he and Jimmy are having a grand reunion in heaven.


Michell said...

So sorry you lost your friend, Mike. Especially on the trip. My prayers and thoughts are with the family, you and all the other people he touched.