Friday, February 18, 2011

The cascade of chaos

If you watch the news you will notice that something is happening.

It's rippling across the globe.

It's chaos.

That's the word the news media is using. It started in Cairo, but it has spread across the globe and is increasing. The cascade effect, the discontent from every country and quarter has erupted because of frustrations over work, food, governments and religions. Chaos is erupting everywhere. It's unnerving. It's a cascade of discontent that is causing chaos. It's the perfect setting for someone, anyone to come to leadership and bring peace to the world.

I think these ripples of chaos are only the first glimpses of what is to come. When you see all that is coming don't fear or panic....instead look up. The Lord's coming is closer than it has ever been. Perhaps he will come back today....perhaps today.


Jon Clayton said...

Perhaps that would be a good thing. I am ready!

Larry Burns, Jr. said...

So let's share the Gospel, so that in the midst of the storm, we can have the peace that only He can bring!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Mike and I find great comfort in knowing that God is still in sovereign control and bringing history to the end He already outlined for us in scripture. Bill Burnside