Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Advertising sin

I'm fascinated by the way the world promotes and advertises sin. It's packaged so nicely, in such a pretty package, that we are often enticed into its trap, but sin never fits a good adjective. You should never hear "good sin" or " nice lie" or "healthy hatred" but we do. We dress sin up in a pretty outfit and claim it's "ok." But the words don't fit, they don't feel right. No matter how hard we try junk is never "fine" it's always just junk. No matter how we package it sin is still just sin. It's ugly, dirty, destructive and never, as Paul writes in Galatians, has any fruit to show for all it does. Advertising sin has become a fine art in our culture, but it's still just's still missing the best that God designed us for.

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