Friday, February 17, 2017

He knows you

Do you ever feel lost in the crowd?  Ever wonder if God even knows you are here, what problems you are having, how hard things are for you?  Ever feel a bit invisible to God with so much going on in the world?

We all have!  And yet, this morning, I began 1 Chronicles in my reading.  It's chapters of names and places.  In the middle of chapter one is this verse,

"Eber, Peleg, Reu,"
1 Chronicles 1:25

Who were these people? What did they do? How did God remember every one, every name and then write them all down for us to read thousands of years later? Here's what these three names tell me- God sees me (and you), he knows us, he cares, he knows us by name....we are not invisible and our names mean something to him! He loves each one.

If you want to see how serious God is about this read Psalms 139. In that chapter, in amazing detail, God tells us he sees us, he knows us and we are not invisible! We are precious, important to him!

Ever feel lost, invisible? God not only knows your name he designed you! He made you, as Paul describes it, his work of art. Go out there and enjoy being one of God's masterpieces.

Now, have a great day.

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