Thursday, February 23, 2017

Asleep in the storm

You never know what a day may bring.  Each day holds the seeds of joy or disaster.  Here is how our week has unfolded.

“Hey, why don't we celebrate our Presidents? What a great idea! Oh, and let's have it on a Monday. We'll close the schools, banks and post office. What a great idea! Today, on this President's day a single mom living two stories above us goes to work and leaves her girls at home alone. As luck would have it one of the girls had a great idea....let's make donuts! And so she did. She got out the oil, put it in a pan and turned it on high. Much to her surprise the grease caught on fire so she ran to the sink to get water. She thought water would put out the fire but it only made everything even worse. The sprinklers go off, the fire alarms roar, fire trucks arrive, and we all wait. The water from the sprinklers floods the third floor apartment putting out the fire, and it floods the second floor apartment, collapsing the ceiling. We are on the first floor. Now, on this wonderful President's day when a single mom leaves her girls home alone we find ourselves homeless. Murphy couldn't have written a better script. We can't wait for the next chapter in this story of President's day. I'm sure we will see the amazing grace and provision of a good God.”

Now, two days later, as I deal with all the insurance companies, moving companies, and a myriad of others I find, in the middle of it all, I’m at rest.  It’s strange, but in a time when chaos overwhelmed our lives Joye and I find we are homeless but wonderfully blessed by friends, the love of the church and the sweet peace and rest of God.

It’s interesting, as I write about it, that in the midst of a storm I can be at rest inside.  During the night last night, as I thought about the events we were thrown into, it was wonderful to rest in the peace, love and care of God.  Rest isn’t a beach somewhere with a margarita; it’s sleeping in the boat while the storms rage all around us.

In the midst of this storm I’m enjoying the rest that only comes because of God’s great love and provision....even in a storm.

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