Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

This morning my thoughts are all over the place.  I'm thinking about world events, bills, the day ahead, people I love....I'm fretting and worrying over other things.

How can our minds cause us such confusion and frustration?  

As I look at the world events, the chaos around and the wars on every continent I see men and women cringing in fear.  Fear is, at the moment, the dominant emotion of our culture.  We anticipate the worst and live in fear that it will really happen.

As I look at my bills I realize I constantly make mistakes and spend more than I should.  I don't want to live that way.  Needs come, money goes.  Problems happen, money goes.  Doctor visits, money goes......it seems to go much faster than it comes.  

As I look at the days ahead I see the Lord on the horizon.  He's coming soon.  I look forward to his return, but it increases the urgency of my desire to share the gospel with everyone I meet.

As I look at those I love I find myself in prayer.  As the patriarch of my little clan I see my most important task is to love well and pray like crazy!  I'm sure that's what my parents did.  It's clearly the need of those around me.  

I think of the passage in the Old Testament about a group of men who knew the times and knew what to do.  I pray I am one of those men in these last moments of human history.

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