Thursday, May 31, 2018


This morning I'm sitting on the patio as the sun rises.  Birds singing, breeze swirling around me, beautiful clouds reflecting the rising sun, trees swaying with the breeze.....all celebrating a King.

The sun has just crested the trees and will cross the sky until evening.  Then, once more, evening comes and another sunrise tomorrow.  Each day gives me opportunity to be, to do, to make choices but I only get this day once and what I do with it will eternally be resolved as each second passes.

My part in this great play of humanity is to love and serve my King and the people he puts in my path.  Each person I meet is someone he made to worship him.  I can help them do that and find him more easily or make it harder.  I can leave a sweet taste on their lips for the experience or sow a bit of resentment and anger in their lives.

At the beginning of a new day I have just 24 hours but hundreds of choices and each choice will glorify my King or make it harder for others to see him.  

Humanity around me is stirring.  Life for this new day is beginning.  My part in it is to serve my King well and help others find this amazing life he has given to me.

Lord, today in this 24 hours, may my life make you most glorious and winsome to those who encounter me.  May they see YOU in me.

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nufreeotm said...

Mike, I woke up today, and watched the sun rise on Lake Texoma. Spent the night watching the stars...realizing what a wonderful and great God we have. No luck on catching fish, but who cares, great trip, safely home!