Thursday, May 10, 2018


One truth most are unwilling to deal with is this-

God has written on every soul this word, "mine."

He has claimed each of us as his own.  

He made us, 

he saved us, 

and he claims us. 

We are his.

That claim of ownership by the creator is the battlefield we fight upon.

In that battle is a war with eternal outcomes where we each, in response to God's claim,  declare of our souls "mine!" or bow in response and worship.

The great battle of eternity is one of ownership.  And with that battle are eternal outcomes.  

Ownership has outcomes.  When I steal from God what is rightly his by claiming in response, "I am owned by no one. I am my own!"  we steal from God not only his property, but declare void the price he paid for ownership.

God made us.  After our first rebellion his response was redemption.  He gave the highest price to purchase back the creation he had made.  When that creation claims to owe him nothing and steals his property how can we think there is no outcome for those actions?

Who do you acknowledge as the one who owns you?  

God has claimed you twice.  Will you declare his claim void or bow in worship?  

That is the battlefield we each will fight upon. We will either bow in worship or steal what rightly belongs to God and that second choice cannot end well.  Worship or rebellion.  What will you choose?

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Unknown said...

Thanks. Will share with many as it is critical information that we so easily forget.