Saturday, March 24, 2018


I live in a world of tears

Tears of loss,

Tears flow easily when death is near
They flow more freely when it happens

It doesn't matter
that he was a scoundrel
that she was a drunk

It doesn't really matter
the pain they caused
the cruel words they used

Tears come because of what should have been,
what could have been
but will never be again

Tears come from grief, loss, pain
from what is gone 
and lost forever

Tears flow for lack of one last 'good bye'


soon the very reason for, 
the very cause of tears will be
wrapped up and thrown away

Soon, very soon
tears will
be forgotten
for the joy of what God has done

Soon, he says, he will wipe away every tear

Soon, he wrote, crying and tears will be no more

That means the very cause of tears will be done as well!

No more death, angry words, harsh looks, wounded souls, grieved relationships...all of it will be done, never to be experienced again

Tears are the results of something gone terribly wrong

Soon the things that cause so many tears to flow will be finished and there will never again be need for another tearful eye

Can you imagine how wonderful that day will be?

Photo: Paul Dance

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Pupuk rambutan cepat berbuah said...

yeah, happiness will come eventually,
the day its supposed to come.
let's wait for it