Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Change something!

I'm sure you have heard the invitation to "change the world" in one way or another, but honestly who can do that?

I have enough trouble changing my clothes.

We all know something needs to change, any change for the better would help.  I think it's built into us that the way things are right now is not right and needs to change so we choose our cause and begin the battle for change.  Change the gun laws, change the president, change welfare, change something!

But do you realize how difficult intentional change really is if you aren't willing to begin with yourself?  Changing the world can only happen one soul, one person at a time.  It begins with changing your clothes, changing your bed, changing your attitudes and as  you change you others around you notice and begin....ever so slightly....to change too.

Change something.  I don't care what cause you choose, but begin with you.  Change yourself into someone more loving, more giving, more compassionate, more kind and surprisingly you will find change happening around you that you never expected...even the way you view the world will change.

Change something, but begin with you.

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