Monday, October 16, 2017

Choices and Outcomes

You choices change your outcomes

You have heard that in different ways all your life


here is the truth...

You can't always control your situation,
what happens or what has happened to you

but you do control your responses to those situations

A young man by the name of Daniel lived all of this out
He was taken into captivity
His parents probably killed
His home destroyed
His life changed
He never saw his home again
He couldn't control any of those things

But what he could control was his choice
about his situation
he chose to live for God
in the middle of the worse possible situation

his choices completely changed his outcomes
the outcomes of his people
his country of captivity

No matter what happens in your life
never forget you choose your response
you choose how you will deal with the situation
that choice will change the outcome in you
in the situation you face

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