Friday, March 20, 2015


This morning my son and I were talking over breakfast about his business move.  They had a change in lease where his retail store is located and they have to find a new location.  It's a crazy series of permits and approvals.  Frankly, he's overwhelmed.  Who wouldn't be?  He has only a few weeks and still feels he's nowhere close to getting moved.

I asked him this morning, "What's really necessary? What's the least you can do to get into the new location?"  I think we often get overwhelmed with the vast amount of information coming at us these days so my goal was to ask this....what's least thing, the most necessary thing you can do right now?  Then, do the next thing.

Overwhelmed is a reality for many of us.  We have so much we feel we must do, that has to be done "today" and so we throw our hands up in defeat.  But could we do the necessary things?  Could we do what must be done and set aside all the noise for a moment?

When you are overwhelmed stop for a moment and ask, "But what is really necessary?"  Then do that...and then do the next thing.  For all the media about multitasking we can honestly still do only one thing at a time.  Start there. 

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