Thursday, March 05, 2015

Beginning well!

Since I started this blog more than nine years ago I have titled it "Finishing Well" but I that the right way of looking at things as a Christian?

It seems we look at this life as a beginning and end finishing with death, but I am rethinking that idea.  Is this view of life, with a finish to my story, the right perspective?  It I think about it...that viewing an end, a finish line, is very short-sighted.

You see, since I've trusted Christ I no longer have a finish line, an end, but I will live forever!  This life and its culmination is not a finish, but really just the beginning.  It seems I've viewed life as a journey with a finish,  but in fact it's the beginning of eternity with a moment's transition from this life to eternal life....a moment when I move into real life, eternal life.

How could I view life with a finish line when it is just the beginning?  If I think I'm living for a finish here I live below what I'm made for, but if I live for eternity ahead, with this as merely the beginning, it changes how and why I do everything.  

So, what would change?  Instead of seeing this life as a race to finish I would see it as an opportunity to live out now who I already am in 1,000 years, a million years.  I'm a son of God already!  I'm forgiven already. I'm an heir with Christ already.  I'm seated with Christ in heavenly places now, in this brief life, I get to live out my identity with my Father and creator in real time and see the results of it in eternity.

I think I've been viewing this all let's change the title of this blog to- "Beginning Well."  How you view this life changes everything!

There's more to say on this topic and we will explore it in the days ahead.  

(I would love your thoughts on this idea as well.  Help me explore it further.)

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