Monday, February 23, 2015

The journey

You've seen this saying too, haven't you?  

It's a simple idea...the idea of beginnings, but that's not the most important part of a journey.  

The most important part of any journey is having a destination worthy of the trip!  

With a destination in mind that will challenge you to keep walking beyond steps two through ten million you must have a destination that will keep your passion for the trip alive...that will keep you going through the difficult steps that are always part of any journey.

None of us will venture on a difficult journey unless we think it worthy of our time and efforts, unless we are willing to pay the price it will take to get to the goal.

It's never the first step that's the most's the goal, the destination.  Where are you going?  Do you know?  Is it a destination worthy of the effort?  Is it a goal your willing to give your life for?  If not, you won't finish, you'll stop somewhere along the way.  

Pick a destination that will challenge everything in you, a goal that will give your life purpose and meaning.  Pick a journey worthy of your life and then give it all you have, all you are.  

What destination, what journey of life would challenge you?  Then go for it.

For me, as you might guess, the journey I'm on is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  I'm on my way to spend eternity with the God who made me and along the way, as often as possible, I invite others..."come with me, you'll never regret it!"

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