Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living in the last days

These are scary days, aren't they?  Chaos, wars, fears, violence...all around us the tensions are rising, the world is beginning to pull apart at the seams.

And, it seems, we are finding new and more horrible ways to hurt, kill and destroy one another.  Evil has finally shown it's face and it is not pretty.  But this is just the beginning.  It will get worse.  Fears will rise and even strong men will shake with fear at what is coming.

How do I know all that?  I know the one who made the world and he tells us what is ahead in the bible.  His intent is to prepare us, to make us aware of the evil days when "all hell will break loose."  

And here we are...those days have come.

Does fear fill your heart?  Do you shudder at what might happen next?  Will it happen here? Will it happen to me?  All of us wonder what is coming. In the midst of it all God tells us to not fear, but to trust him.  He writes these strange words from Jesus' teachings in the gospels,

"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body 
but cannot kill the soul. 
Rather, be afraid of the One 
who can destroy both soul and body in hell."

Wow!  Challenging, isn't it?   Living in the last days will be exciting.  It might cost some of us our lives, but don't worry, death is not the's only the beginning.  

How exciting all of this is!  Perhaps today we will see Jesus.  Could anything be better?

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