Thursday, June 14, 2018

The day ahead

Today I face a difficult task.  One I wish I could avoid.  My mind and heart recoil at the thoughts of what awaits me.  I dread it!

Today I will speak at the memorial service for a young lady I knew well who took her own life.  Days like this I wish I could just run away and hide from the world and all we do to ourselves and each other.  This is such a cruel place to live.

But in the midst of it all there is the love of God sprinkled here and there that makes all the difference.  Without God's work in this world we would already know what hell is like for we would be living in it. But in the midst of all the grief and sorrow God whispers.

So today I face a family I love, to grieve with them over a bad choice by a sweet young lady.  As one friend told me in tears years ago, "I HATE sin!"  Today I agree with my friend for I see what it can do in our lives once more.

My prayer today is that those attending will hear whispers of the love of God in the midst of a world where chaos rules.

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